Candles for Vegans

Organic Natural Vegan Friendly Candles

Many of you ask the question "Where can I buy Organic Natural Soy Candles for Vegans?" Our range of beautiful, Vegan friendly, all natural candles are made from non-GM soy wax (from sustainable sources), essential oils (certified organically grown) and an environmentally-friendly wick made from natural cotton, giving you the purest you can buy.

Our candles make a wonderful gift for a loved one and will help enhance your mood in any setting!

Whether you are at home or away, our candles make a classy pampering treat for yourself or someone you love who is aware of the positive effects of soy candles over 'normal' paraffin wax ones.

All of our products in this section are Vegan Society approved.

NB If you would like candles with your own choice of oils or a blend for a specific purpose, please contact us for a quote and we'll be happy to oblige.

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